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Developing a budget for schools can be a challenge even for the most experienced business office staff and educators at school sites. The complex task of managing staffing allocations, LCFF, categorical budget allocations and much more, is time intensive and prone to data errors. Budget Developer is a flexible, integrated system that supports significant time savings and data quality improvement in the budgeting process.

Key Features

Unified View — consolidated view of all budget data contoured to the needs of every user, empowering decisions through effective and insightful interfaces.

Integrated — with financial/accounting/SIS systems, enables your organization to automate processes and realize higher efficiencies.

Data Quality — checks/validations against data from your core systems provides a higher quality of information and minimal corrections.

Finance Module — provide principals and district staff with views of allocations, tools to create a budget for positions and non-personnel items supported by a validation against authorized budget strings.

HR Module — provides principals and district staff with all information necessary to budget for personnel. View of current credentials or certifications, seniority, list of previously taught courses and validation of courses authorized to teach are provided in a simple to use interface.

Goals Module — the optional goals module provides tools to align the budgeting process to support educational goals. The integrated module supports LCAP and SPSA reporting.

Workflow — designed for school districts, this intelligently crafted workflow allows budget approvals to be routed through customizable validation/approval process. Approval submissions checks for errors, providing a downloadable corrections list.

Communication — email notifications, check-off flags, ability to add notes/comments, and attach documents ensures that this system can capture every detail about a site’s budget data and objectives. An in-depth audit log provides critical details on every change.

Reporting — A robust reporting module with comprehensive search filters provides all users with appropriate and useful reporting. At the site or department level, reports summarize all critical budget data. At the district level, staff can report on all aspects of budget data, correlated against site goals, allocations, enrollment, staffing, expenditures, budget codes and much more.


Automated Integration– Budget Developer can be integrated with your existing financial and HR systems to update all essential financial and personnel data. Results? Increased time savings for staff.

Implementation Support – successful implementation comes from experience, and understanding an organizations culture. With years of implementation experience exclusively in K-12 education, our staff can assist with every aspect of implementation from processes analysis and improvement to making it happen at school sites.

Staff Training – With all initiatives that involve schools, training and getting staff buy in is essential. Proxient staff have supported successful implementations in districts with over 100 schools, districts with under 10 schools and individual charter schools. Our experience working with both district and school site staff.

User Reviews

Budget Developer has been in use for years in public education, managing budget development for billions of dollars. Below are reviews from users.

Developing the budget with our educational goals integrated into the same system is a much better process. I used to go from our budget books in excel to a word document with our goals back and forth. Now it is in the same place and the dropdowns make it easy.” Elementary School Principal

The information provided in the HR section is great. With one click I can compare staff credentials, seniority, subjects taught. The best part is the data comes from our HR system and not another separate system. It even validates if the teacher has the correct credentials for the courses they are projected to teach next year.” High School Principal

The ability to easily roll up projected staffing data for the entire district enables us to be proactive and has significantly improved how we plan staffing for the upcoming year.” Human Resources Director

We utilize the goals development component of Budget Builder to develop out Single Plan for Student Achievement and meet compliance for federal funding. The template is flexible enabling us to make changes from year to year, such as adjusting goals or providing guidance on correct use of resources.” Director State and Federal Programs

The difference to me in the budgeting process is very clear. We went from manually pulling together large amounts of data, then manually aggregating the data to create reports, and then manually loading the budget data into the financial system. We now have a modern system that lets us operate so much more efficiently with better data quality.” Budget Director