Multi-year Financial Forecasting & Cash Flow Software:
for K-12 Schol Agencies

When FCMAT needed to build an analytical & forecasting tool to assist hundreds of public school agencies across the entire State of California, they chose Proxient as their development partner.

User-friendly and Web-based, Buget Explorer v5.1 is the best software available for creating multi-year financial projections and compliance reporting. And it’s free!

A robust cash flow module enables school districts to manage and project cash flow using built in state disbursement schedules, formulas and deferrals.

Over the years it has helped hundreds of school agencies develop accurate multi-year financial projections and cash flow based on current financial reality, school environment variables and multiple economic indexes.

Key Features

State Compliance Reporting – Meets and exceeds annual and interim compliance reporting requirements for local public educational agencies.

Scenario Based Planning – Users can quickly project multiple financial scenarios by varying the underlying criteria and then analyze impact of these adjustments over multiple future years. Such

Rule Driven – Users can get started with the built in projection rules and then customize them to meet their organizations own unique environment allowing them to rapidly start analyzing their financial projections.

Web Based – Secure online anywhere access to your projections with automatic updates to changes in disbursement and cash flow schedules from the state.

Cash Flow – This module enables a user to build a current cash flow model based on actuals for the current year and projected revenue for the remaining and future years.

Auto Balance – feature identifies resources that have positive or negative balance and provides the user with the ability to run scenarios to automatically balance such resources based on customizable rules

Quick Start – a single file upload gets you started with a brand new multi-year projection based on default system rules, which can then be adapted to your agency’s current fiscal reality.

Simple Updates – Any existing projection with customized rules, current assumptions and variables can very easily be updated with latest financial figures to project updated estimates.


Predictability – It is not easy know the impact of current executive decisions in future years. Public sector operationally is driven by a number of constrains: Schools enrollment increase/decline, Funding changes, state government budget revisions, Restricted funding requirements, Retaining quality educators, bargaining agreements and numerous others. Ability to project for e.g. whether current & future expenditures are in line with the enrollment trend for your organization are important question that needs to be answered accurately. The 2% salary increase being negotiated for your certificated staff, is that viable in future years or not…the 3.5% reserve set aside for economic uncertainty, will that cover possible funding decline in next year? Many such questions can be easily analyzed within Budget Explorer allowing you to make data driven decisions.

Integration – When doing analysis based on your financial data that is changing frequently, it helps to tie in Budget Explorer with automated extracts directly from your financial system. If you need assistance building a bridge to your financial system so that updated financial information can flow seamlessly into your projections, please contact our services to discuss how this can be done.

Granular Visibility – Built for State compliance, Budget Explorer imports and reports data as per state accounting coding structure. Oftentimes in such reporting, your detail revenue and expenditure items are summarized. If you need the ability to be able to access your budget and expenditure items at the detail level in your financial system, please contact our services to discuss how this can be done.