The next generation of employee time management

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Time Tracker is an employee time management system built specifically for K-12 education. The system consists of modules that can be implemented individually or together to track every aspect of employee time management.  It’s up to you.  The modules consist of Leave Absence Tracker, Extended Hour Timesheet Manager and Employee Time Tracking.  Easy to use web interface enables employees to view work days, absences, and time sheets on an interactive monthly calendar.  District staff can go to one place to view all leaves, timesheets and employee attendance.

Key Features

Leave Absence Tracker – Tracks all employee absences. Employees can directly enter absences in the system or data from existing substitute management systems can be imported daily to provide a comprehensive view of all leave activity for both certificated and classified employees.

Time Sheet Manager – Paperless extended hour timesheets for full time or temporary employees. Advanced workflow enables routing for approval to one or multiple approvers. Multiple templates are provided for various types work. Built in budget code validation from a school district’s chart of accounts supports accurate assignment of budget to work. Electronic signatures that activity log provide easy tracking of the time sheets.

Employee Time Management – Staff can use either a web interface or scan cards to sign in and out. Administrative staff can track work hours and quickly identify who is on campus in the event of an emergency.
Integrated—with existing substitute management and financial/accounting systems, enables your organization to automate processes and realize higher efficiencies.

Unified View—consolidated view of all employee time data contoured to the needs of every user, empowering decisions through effective and insightful interfaces.

Data Quality—checks/validations against important data like budget strings, provides a higher quality of information and minimal corrections.

Workflow—designed for school districts, this intelligently crafted workflow allows approvals to be routed through customizable validation/approval process

Communication—email notifications, check-off flags, ability to add notes/comments, and attach documents ensures that this system can capture every detail. An in-depth audit log provides critical details on every change.

Reporting—A robust reporting module with comprehensive search filters provides all users with appropriate and useful reporting. (Learn More)


Systems Integration

  • Already have a substitute calling system? Time Tracker is built to link to your sub calling system and provide you with comprehensive data on all employee time enabling you to manage ACA and all other reporting in house.

  • Integrate any or all of the Time Tracker modules with direct links to your financial and network systems. The results? No new user ID’s or passwords for staff, and changes automatically update to Time Tracker from your systems. Automated links to your financial system update employee information nightly and support exports to your financial system.

What users say:

“The system is so simple that I can even show you how to use it. The flow at the sites goes from employee to treasurer to principal then on to the district office. The system is connected to our financial and HR systems so it has helped to improve our data quality.”
Marty Fuentes
Sequoia Union High
School District

“Proxient understands the needs of K-12 education and provides products that are practical and make sense for both district and school site staff. The support and service they provide is second to none.”
Zandy Macasinag
Financial Accounting Manager
San Diego County
Office of Education