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What users say

As a Superintendent, this system has supported improvements to our budgeting process and helped us manage changes with LCFF funding. It is designed specifically for school district budgeting.
As a Principal, I have access to all the critical information about my budget and staff. The ability to clearly see all my site controlled funds is great.
As a Budget Director I can see the aggregated budget for my entire district and easily drill down into an individual site for specifics
As a HR Director, the information on credentials, seniority, subjects taught is great. The system even validates courses staff is authorized to teach.
Budget Developer has helped me make sense of what used to be a confusing, stressful period of time when I would be working on my school’s budget
This budgeting tool resulted in a leap forward in our budgeting process with all key fiscal and HR data easily accessed by principals and budget managers. We had used excel workbooks for years and had issues with version control and it took large amounts of time to aggregate the data. Budget Developer provides easy management, uploading into our financial system, and reporting so we can focus more time on working with sites to develop more effective budgets